About Us - Our Values

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We believe that developing the right corporate culture and values are essential to serving the best interests of our employees, our clients, and our partners. The Seville Government Consulting culture has characteristics that not only differentiate us from our competitors, but also central to any understanding of who we are.  

We do not, and will never, treat ethics and integrity as a competitive disadvantage.

This solid cultural foundation, supported by a currency of trust, is shaped by our core values of Ethics, Teamwork, Excellence, Development, and Respect.





We insist on the highest standards of personal and professional conduct to secure the absolute trust and confidence of our clients, our partners, and our colleagues. Ethics are not treated as a competitive disadvantage at SGC, regardless of what the competition or the market allows.



We achieve a greater contribution when we work together. We will recognize and reward teamwork effort. Partnership is vital to success.



We require continuous improvement in the quality of all that we do. We will reward those who continually seek to improve the quality of their work, as adding value to the clients is priority one.



Ensuring that all of our staff realizes their full potential is the only way for us to reach our business objectives. We expect everyone to take the initiative for their own professional development and actively seek opportunities to assist in the development of colleagues and subordinates



We must value and respect the differences and diversity within our organization. Lack of personal and professional respect in dealing with our colleagues or clients is not tolerated.