Project Management Articles


Project Management Support

Our program management services are aligned with industry best practices and include expertise in the following areas:

  • Program Management Office (PMO) Support
  • Investment Analysis (OMB 300 submissions)
  • Change Management
  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Earned Value Management Support
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Budget Control
  • Portfolio Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Program Control

Effective program management is critical to keeping complex programs on track. SGC program management support services are built on our in-depth knowledge of product life cycles, and the use of metrics and thresholds to manage risks. More importantly, we help our clients achieve programmatic success by focusing on ensuring programs are delivered and executed on time, and within budget. With the heightened public scrutiny on programs and the continued need to report and receive data on progress and status, proper methodology can mean the difference between success and failure.

Tailored Program Management Services


SGC understands that each program requires a broad range of skills to meet cost, schedule, and performance metrics. Our program management capabilities allow you to meet the ever-stringent requirements for reporting and ensuring successful outcomes, by covering a broad range of functional skill areas that allow us to tailor our solutions to you. More canned solutions as part of a service delivery model just means more of the same for you the customer, with little real value.

We understand government requirements for success, and will provide you exceptional service to support your program management needs. Regardless of your effort’s size and scope, SGC has the expertise and experience our customers require.